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Afro-Celtic Punk-Jazz drummer, composer, and storyteller Sean Noonan describes himself as an 'Irish griot,’ one who collects tales, legends, and life stories over the course of his journeys and transforms them into the raw material that enlightens not only his drumming, but the entirety of the music he creates; narrating or improvising stories behind his drum set as if Samuel Beckett were on drums.  His recent release, Pavees Dance is a fermentation of soulful harmolodic rock consisting of lyrics by Malcolm Mooney (original singer of CAN) and free funk prophet Jamaaladeen Tacuma (Ornette Coleman’s Primetime). 

"The drummer and composer Sean Noonan approaches postmodern jazz and world music from the same angle of self-discovery ....he manages to make his pieces speak coherently, and in a unified voice." The New York Times

"Menacingly surreal, often assaultive, a feast for fans of dark, challenging music…it’s a category unto itself – and one of the best in any style of music. Scary Stuff from Sean Noonan." Lucid Culture

Spring 2015 News!  

April 14 New Piano Trio album recorded with Alex Marcelo and Peter Bitenc recorded at Atlantic Recording Sound in Brooklyn.

On April 24 Noonan performs music to silent films at Filmoteka Narodowa Festival in Warsaw with A Gambler’s Hand

Sean Noonan Bruised by Noon Solo Drum Tour In Poland and Concerts with Special Guest Improvisers. Bruised by Noon,  travels through free jazz/improvised music in 11 „improv bouts” that are each musical chapters part of his original storytelling style.

May- Noonan Tours with Brooklyn Lager Trio Tour in Germany, Austria, UK, Sweden, and Norway with Harry Saltzman sax Norbert Buerger guitar

June - Brooklyn Lager records new album to be released in 2016!

This Fall Drums in 4 unique rhythmic configurations 


From Sept to Nov I will perform in 4 unique rhythmic configurations drums with string quartet, drums with keyboard trio, drums with harmonic trio and drums with me.  First I will kick off the tour in London with A Gambler's Hand that will feature London based Ligeti Quartet and later heading to alternative music Incubate festival in Tilburg Sept 17. 

Shortly after I will be in a barn with the Pavees Dance Electric Trio at the Alternative Harvest Festival in Kirbymoorside collaboration for the first time with the rhythm section from Leeds based Shatner's Bassoon in an electric keyboard trio playing music from "There's Always the Night" and a few selection from "Memorable Sticks" a keyboard trio album that will come out in 2016.  We will make concerts in UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy. 


 In November I will have a well deserved but short reunion with harpist Steven Debruyn in our avant-blue rock trio "Brewed Junks" playing in Germany, Italy, Poland and Belgium.  At three festivals Timezone Festival and Mozg Festival.

All shows are listed below and please tell all your friends or anyone you know and really hope to see you around sometime soon.  You can order tickets from my homepage CHECKOUT HERE 

To listen and purchase any albums of the 20 plus albums that I have released over the years.  So without support from people like you, artists like me would struggle to create release and share new music in these changing times!  LISTEN HERE 


A Gambler's Hand


Sept 15 London, The Woodman

Sept 17 Tilburg, NL, Incubate Festival


Pavees Dance Electric


Sept 20 Kirbymoorside, UK, Alternative Harvest Festival

Sept 23 Leeds Wharf Chambers

Sept 30 London Flimflam

Oct 5 London-Boat-ting

Oct 9 Antwerpen, BE Backyardhouse

Oct 10 Dikmuide, Belgium Muziekclub 4AD

Oct 11 Russelsheim, Germany Das Rind

Oct 12 Hamburg, Germany Stubnitz

Oct 14 Leipzig, DE Horns Erben

Oct 15 Straubing , DE Raven

Oct 16 Heilbronn, DE Ebene 3

Oct 17 Kaltern Pop Festival in Kaltern am See/Southtyrol Italy

Oct 20 Verein Innenhofkultur, Klagenfurt, austria

Oct 21 Moosburg Jazzclub Hirsch


Brewed Junks - Steven De bruyn, Jasper Hautekiet,   

Sean Noonan


Nov 5 Karlsruhe, DE KOHI Kulturraum e.V.

Nov 6 TBA

Nov 7 Landshut, DE Schwarzer Hahn

Nov 8 Bari, Italy, Timezone Festival, 

Nov 9  Landshut, DE Schwarzer Hahn

Nov 12 Warsaw, Poland Mozg Festival

Nov 13 Mol, Belgium, Cultural Centrum Het Getouw (Bruised by Noon Solo support for Rhythm Junks?

Nov 15 Ghent, Belgium, Achterham 

Nov 18 Ghent, Belgium Kinky Star


Pavees Dance Electric Trio (soulful harmolodic funk/punk jazz) is the next chapter in Brooklyn based drummer Sean Noonan Pavees Dance series which is a fermentation of soulful harmolodic funk/punk jazz which consist of lyrics by Malcolm Mooney (original singer of CAN) to the drum-n-bass grooves of Jamaaladeen Tacuma (Ornette Coleman’s Primetime) to Punk Riffs of Aram Bajakian and even a twist of free jazz from pianist Alex Marcelo from Yusef Lateef.  

Pavees Dance Electric Trio is also a direct decedent of “Born to Brew” 2012 collaboration with analog virtuoso Matthew Bourne that will continue to explore Psychedelic shape-shifting improvisations, stories of minimalism and intoxication that wander through dense soundscapes. Like if Cecil Taylor and Samuel Beckett were out on a night of romance and in quest of a good bar fight.


The "Irish Griot" composer will present works from his 2015 "In the Ring" Song Cycle Series and Suites from 2012 "A Gambler's Hand" album and soon coming  “Skarbnik Suites”, joined with the London based Ligeti Quartet


A Gamblers Hand, are suites for amplified string quartet, drum kit/percussion, and storytelling that presents the composers ongoing interest in treating the string quartet as an extension of the drum set. Noonan's inspirations combine the aesthetics of modern chamber music, improvised new music, storytelling, and American experimentalists Henry Cowell and Conlon Nancarrow.  At any particular moment, punk jazz grooves lock with insistent string ostinatos, which then morph into spiky counterpoint reminiscent of Bartok.  Noonan narrates his tales from the drum set as if Irish playwright Samuel Beckett was drumming himself. Performing repertoire from his 2015 lyric photo CD Book "In the Ring",  a collection of song cycles that together tell a story about the transformation of a man who get tickled by a sunbeam on a mountain top.  As a result of his adventures, he loses his shadow, and the only way to get it back is to challenge it to a round of shadow boxing. In addition is a sneak preview to the "Skarbnik Suites," that dig deep to the depths of the salt mines of Silesia (Poland) to tell modern adaptations of the stories about the Polish mythological legend Skarbnik, who is the treasurer of all mines and Noonan's thoroughly modern musical take on this myth is told in diverse styles of punked-up Mazurka to avant-garde improvised chamber music influenced by the Polish contemporary classical composer Henryk Gorecki.

  1. No Debts to the Light of Day

2014 News and trilogy album releases: Pavees Dance, In the Ring and Bruised by Noon Podcast

Fall 2014 News!

Noonan tours nine countries for over two months in promotions of his trilogy album releases.  In the Ring, the second album in his A Gambler's Hand series, a series of song cycles, was supported by an extensive European tour featuring the Gambler's Hand String Quartet for shows in the U.K. Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Hungary

In addition In November Noonan composes and recorded in London “Skarbnik Suites,” that was premiered at the EFG London Jazz Festival that will dig deep to the depths of the salt mines of Silesia (Poland) to tell modern adapations of the stories about the Polish mythological legend Skarbnik, who is the treasurer of all mines and either punishes or protects miners from danger and possibly rewards the good ones. Noonan's thoroughly modern musical take on this myth is told in diverse styles of punked-up Mazurka to avant-garde improvised chamber music, incorporating jazz/rock, storytelling, and 20th century music styles influenced by the Polish contemporary classical composer Henryk Gorecki.


Album Release "Pavees Dance: There's Always the Night" Sean Noonan Unites Music, Storytelling, and the Visual Art of Malcolm Mooney on
Unique Limited Edition Print and Digital Book of Original Artwork and Poetry Available as Companion to Album Featuring Legendary Bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Shooting-Star Guitarist Aram Bajakian.  Released on May 30 at Bowery Electric, New York

Album Release "In the Ring", features Momenta String Quartet with the prolific drummer, composer and storyteller this time presents a collection of song cycles that together tell a story about the transformation of a man who get tickled by a sunbeam one morning on a mountain top, and who, as the story progresses, first transforms into a coyote, then into the Celtic mythological creature known as a Silkie, and eventually back into his human form.  As a result of his adventures, he has lost his shadow, and the only way to get it back is to challenge it to a round of shadow boxing In the Ring.
  1. Trilogy Series


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Previous events

Pavees Dance Trio

Kaltern Pop Festival , Kaltern am See/Southtyrol Italy

Sophie Hunger (CH), Wanda (A), The Slow Show (GB), All The Luck in The World (IRL), Loney Dear (S), Sean Noonan (USA), stargaze (D), The Franklin Electric (CAN), Ganes (I), Chad Lawson (USA), Max von Millband (IT), Lubomyr Melnyk (UKR), Champs (UK), Heisskalt (D), Grandbrothers (D), Lois Lane (IT), The Artificial Harbor (IT) und Wendy McNeill (CAN) LOIS LANE (dj Set / IT), uvm.

Das Begleitprogramm mit Gesprächspartnern aus Kunst, Küche und Kellern wartet mit spannenden Talks zu Mensch und Landschaft, Kochkunst und Wein auf.


Pavees Dance Electric Trio

Boat-ting, London, UK

http://www.boat-ting.co.uk/ @ Bar & Co, Temple Pier, Emabankment opposite Temple tube (between Blackfriars and Waterloo Bridges)

£8 / £5 concs | DOORS 8:00pm - START 8:30pm



Pavees Dance Trio

Leeds, UK