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Brooklyn drummer, composer, storyteller Sean Noonan describes himself as an 'Irish griot,’ one who collects tales, legends, and life stories over the course of his journeys and transforms them into the raw material that informs not only his drumming, but the entirety of the music he creates; as if Samuel Beckett were on drums.

"The drummer and composer Sean Noonan approaches postmodern jazz and world music from the same angle of self-discovery ....he manages to make his pieces speak coherently, and in a unified voice." The New York Times

Spring 2015 News!  

April 14 New Piano Trio album recorded with Alex Marcelo and Peter Bitenc recorded at Atlantic Recording Sound in Brooklyn.

On April 24 Noonan performs music to silent films at Filmoteka Narodowa Festival in Warsaw with A Gambler’s Hand

Sean Noonan Bruised by Noon Solo Drum Tour In Poland and Concerts with Special Guest Improvisers. Bruised by Noon,  travels through free jazz/improvised music in 11 „improv bouts” that are each musical chapters part of his original storytelling style.

May- Noonan Tours with Brooklyn Lager Trio Tour in Germany, Austria, UK, Sweden, and Norway with Harry Saltzman sax Norbert Buerger guitar

June - Brooklyn Lager records new album to be released in 2016!

2014 News and trilogy album releases: Pavees Dance, In the Ring and Bruised by Noon Podcast

Fall 2014 News!

Noonan tours nine countries for over two months in promotions of his trilogy album releases.  In the Ring, the second album in his A Gambler's Hand series, a series of song cycles, was supported by an extensive European tour featuring the Gambler's Hand String Quartet for shows in the U.K. Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Hungary

In addition In November Noonan composes and recorded in London “Skarbnik Suites,” that was premiered at the EFG London Jazz Festival that will dig deep to the depths of the salt mines of Silesia (Poland) to tell modern adapations of the stories about the Polish mythological legend Skarbnik, who is the treasurer of all mines and either punishes or protects miners from danger and possibly rewards the good ones. Noonan's thoroughly modern musical take on this myth is told in diverse styles of punked-up Mazurka to avant-garde improvised chamber music, incorporating jazz/rock, storytelling, and 20th century music styles influenced by the Polish contemporary classical composer Henryk Gorecki.


Album Release "Pavees Dance: There's Always the Night" Sean Noonan Unites Music, Storytelling, and the Visual Art of Malcolm Mooney on
Unique Limited Edition Print and Digital Book of Original Artwork and Poetry Available as Companion to Album Featuring Legendary Bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Shooting-Star Guitarist Aram Bajakian.  Released on May 30 at Bowery Electric, New York

Album Release "In the Ring", features Momenta String Quartet with the prolific drummer, composer and storyteller this time presents a collection of song cycles that together tell a story about the transformation of a man who get tickled by a sunbeam one morning on a mountain top, and who, as the story progresses, first transforms into a coyote, then into the Celtic mythological creature known as a Silkie, and eventually back into his human form.  As a result of his adventures, he has lost his shadow, and the only way to get it back is to challenge it to a round of shadow boxing In the Ring.
  1. Trilogy Series
News from Noonan's past

November 17, 2006

THE HUB just got back from Europe playing probably our most dynamic and energetic tour yet breaking every stick and cymbal I have. We drove over 12,000 kilometers quickly selling our independent release "Light fuse and get away", handcrafted and numbered, and it is now available online. 

Dont hesitate to get one for x-mas! 

Brewed by Noon will release its new CD, Stories To Tell, on Songlines Records, which is described it as “tribal rhythms by an Irish griot. On January 13, 2007 I will premiere the first of 12 new works commissioned by the American Composers Forum that 
feature; Susan McKeown and Abdoulaye Diabate-vocals, Marc Ribot and Aram Bajakian-guitar, Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Thierno Camara-bass, Mat Maneri-viola, and 
Sean Noonan-drumset. 

This is a must see event! 
Tickets: $18; Day of Show $20; Members $16; Students, Seniors $15; Children $10; Rush $10 call day of show for availability 
Venue: Symphony Space Leonard Nimoy Thalia 
2537 Broadway at 95th Street, NY 
Showtime: Jan 13, 2007, 8:30pm 

June 06 
This summer take advantage of the sun and eat some pineapple 

Now you can listen to some live tracks with Jamaaladeen Tacuma at Tonic and also get a sneak preview of the next Brewed By Noon album featuring Marc Ribot-guitar, Mat Maneri-viola, Susan McKeown-voice, Abdoulaye Diabete-voice, Dawn Padmore-voice, Jim Pugliese-percussion, Thierno Camara-bass, Jon Madof- guitar, Aram Bajakian-guitar, and Sean Noonan electro-acoustic drum set 

The latest HUB album “LIGHT FUSE AND GET AWAY” is now available and we will see you over in Europe in October-November 


December 05 

It is so great to see all our loyal listeners in Europe and America and would like to thank you for allowing our music to be apart of our lives. There have been so many special moments this year and these are just some of the highlights. I received a commission from the American Composers Forum and over the next couple of years I will be communally re-creating original compositions based off my own "wandering" folk music concept. So I hope you get a chance to experience this unique event at the premiere in NYC (tba). Brewed By Noon released their first album and last September we had a great showwith Marc Ribot at Barbes in Brooklyn. THE HUB will shortly hae its next album available to fans in 2006 and we will be performing in Italy after X-mas. Hope to see you there! Don't forget to listen to the newest tracks on this site. 

Febuary 2005 

It took awhile but here is the updated site that has some of my recordings from 2004. It was a year of transition for me where I had to do things like learn how to walk again but I was definately blessed to have had a recovery. I did alot of new things like working with electronics and drum machines. Artur Nowak visited me in August and we did a series of improvisations that lasted for two weeks. It was really fun where we transformed my bedroom into a make shift studio. Then I formed a new band called Brewed By Noon with Thierno Camara, Jon Madof and Aram Bajakian. And of course THE HUB is still pumping up our fans with its hard core/jazz punk sound. My close friend Tim Dahl has been so supportive with my return to drumming, driving and touring. I also made a new friend and band mate Paul Meurens that plays sax in THE HUB, He is a special addition to THE HUB and when you listen to our new album you will get a better sense of his character and spirit. 

February 2004: My Recovery 
Well, 2003 had great moments like having the opportunity to perform with THE HUB throughout Europe and America. The music was a tremendous success where we were meeting new fans and see old ones all the time. Disaster struck when THE HUB had only 2 concerts to go on our Fall European tour. Driving from Cuneo to Sicily, Italy we where struck by a drunk driver destroying our equipment and breaking both my legs. After 6 days of surgery I laid in bed recovering and realizing how thankful I was to be alive. There were numerous telephone calls, emails, and letter from my mom, dad, girlfriend, friends, and fans that brought my spirits up. Thanks everyone and I greatly appreciate your prayers. 

Right now I am recovering and getting prepared for 2004 which will be a great year. THE HUB will be back on tour in the fall and I am currently working on all kinds of different music to share with all my fans throughout the world. Be back soon! 

Coming soon: THE HUB releases its anticipated 5th album, Noonan will duet with Poland's electronic musician Arthur Nowak......and the release of Noonan's Trio Jazz 

THE HUB and Marc Ribot, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and Calvin Weston at North Six, Brooklyn, NY 
Last Saturday over 300 people witnessed the old guard and new trade riffs. New York music listeners were brought on an awesome musical journey which was remembered as one of the best nights out by many. First was THE HUB that quickly set the mood invading the stage like naughty school children. Next was manic, eclectic Ribot whose performance was easily described as “punk, funk, and harmelodic hell,” but in the end it was Tacuma the free-funk prophet that ultimately stole the show! 

THE HUB Spring 2003 European “Trucker” Tour Check out “Shows” for upcoming shows in your area! 

Upcoming Album Release: Sean Noonan and Aram Bajakian release their first album “Chips” on Innova Records. Noonan matches with the “mysterious” guitarist Aram Bajakian to present a collaborative concept for playing duets that has only just begun.

Crazy Legs - Boxing Dreams Crazy Legs - Boxing Dreams 11.2 MB
03-lost-in-gunters-wald.mp3 MP3 of Lost in Guenter's Wald 9.94 MB


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