Future New Work: Bartalk a 60 minute monodrama for speaking percussionist and string quartet to be concluded with a 23 hour durational solo concert installation.

In 2016 the Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival commissioned me to premiere my Zappanation Rock Opera and ionization of Frank Zappa and Edgard Varèse.  My next artistic endeavor is to evolve the Monodrama with rhythmic storytelling, merging the drum set with the string quartet and composing a wide array of unorthodox comprovisation techniques.  

Developing techniques used in my 2012 piece, A Gambler’s Hand, I will use the quartet as an extension of my limbs, mapping out a polyrhythmic language on the drum set using Sensory Percussion that is later structured with collected tone rows (Alban Berg), multi-temporal rhythms (Conlon Nancarrow) and aleatoric comprovisation (John Cage/Zorn).  Aspects of the studio recording will be later adapted into a final 23h durational concert installation for drumkit vocals and electronics which I will perform and livestream.

As composer, performer and librettist, I will take the position of an unknown inmate in solitary confinement, gradually succumbing to the effects of this traumatic experience articulated through a series of soliloquies. The horror of this practice was explained to me by my father, a lawyer in Brockton, MA. The text will be based on collected testimonials from inmates, giving the audience an insight into their metaphysical perception of time and exposing the psychological effects of these 23 hours of daily torture. This confinement will be articulated on stage through the use of a soundproof booth for the drumkit. Due to the impact this will have on the piece and performance, the sound engineer will be part of the compositional process as well as the performance.  This is a stark visual metaphor but also has a practical use with regards to mixing and amplification.

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