Silo: Episodes for solo Speaking Drummer

Silo is Sean Noonan's latest solo venture, drawing inspiration from neo-primitivism, which challenges traditional Western musical forms. Influenced by the rhythmic innovations of Milford Graves, Samuel Beckett's Theatre of the Absurd, and his formative experience as a stage musician with Hollywood songstress Marni Nixon, Noonan crafts a unique auditory experience. His approach integrates Henry Cowell's concept of polyphonic music, characterized by rapid rhythmic changes, syncopations, and polyrhythms, creating a ritualistic and immersive soundscape. By merging drumming with narration, Noonan, as a "rhythmic storyteller," transcends conventional musical boundaries, offering a captivating blend of free improvisation and new music in his compelling solo drum kit performances.

Sean Noonan, a speaking drummer and composer, prefers the title "rhythmic storyteller" – a fitting description for a modern-day sonic griot. He crafts imaginative narratives akin to ancient wandering minstrels, weaving captivating stories through his unique polyrhythmic language. Noonan innovatively combines voice and percussion, creating a 'fifth limb' that extends the traditional four-limbed drumming practice. This fusion blurs the lines between the roles of drummer and narrator, merging them into one cohesive artistic expression.

Performance Options

  • Silo Solo Performance: A live, acoustic immersive experience that showcases Sean's rhythmic storytelling in its purest form.
  • Drummer of Tedworth Solo+Tape: A unique performance featuring Noonan's live drumming alongside pre-recorded orchestral multi-tracks. This option requires venues equipped with advanced sound systems.


  • September-November 2024
  • Throughout 2025
  • One-off festival performances

Sean Noonan: Musical Background

Sean Noonan’s prolific career spans over 32 album releases, influenced by a wide range of genres including orchestral, rock opera, avant-garde chamber music, and jazz-rock improvisation. His collaborations feature prestigious names such as the London Symphony Orchestra, Ligeti Quartet, Marc Ribot, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Malcolm Mooney and Marni Nixon, and his hundreds of performances have graced international stages from the Bimhuis in Amsterdam to the EFG London Jazz Festival.

Educational Achievements
Noonan holds a Doctorate from the Guildhall School of Music, a Master's degree from the Aaron Copland Music School, and a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Berklee College of Music.

Press Acclaim

  • “Sean Noonan redefines the boundaries of percussion and storytelling, merging them into a compelling narrative that defies conventional classification.” - The New York Times
  • “Independence is the hallmark of Sean Noonan's work, seen not only in his unique use of hands, feet, and voice but also in his innovative approach to modern drumming.” - Modern Drummer Magazine