"Drummer of Tedworth," is a groundbreaking concerto for speaking drummer and orchestra by Sean Noonan. Immerse yourself in a world of innovative music where original narratives meet unparalleled musical expression.

Synopsis: "Drummer of Tedworth" is a mesmerizing journey through voice and percussion, seamlessly integrating the orchestra as an extension of the drummer's limbs. With ten episodic narratives, this concerto defies musical norms, blending elements of new music, free improvisation, and rhythmic storytelling.

Drawing inspiration from the eerie drumming phenomena chronicled in Joseph Glanvill's "Saducismus Triumphatus," in 1661, John Mompesson, a Tedworth landowner, sued a fraudulent drummer, leading to inexplicable disturbances in his home. Noonan's absurd narrative weaves in familiar spirits and otherworldly beings, with Tedworth at the core. Tedworth, whose existence is found in laughter and meditation, dives into a pool of ketchup in search of 'pnoom'—a form of nirvana—delaying his birth and enabling him to travel freely between the past and the future.

Tedworth's journey through Féth Fiada, a mist bridging worlds, attracts absurd companions, each representing survival and entrapment. Among them are the misguided protector Skarbnik, the mischievous dwarfs Krasnoludki, a Drunkard Landlady, and Dian Cécht, the healer of leechcraft. The arrival of a Martian refugee ignites a conflict between the Holy Goat and the Accabadora, the woman of death. Tedworth confronts chaos with humor, even sacrificing his only pair of underwear. Laughter, both weapon and salve, reveals the bittersweet truths of acceptance and departure. Ending up in France, Tedworth relinquishes his 'pnoom' at a swinger club. His resistance to birth comes to an end, making him ‘younger now’ as he embraces his eventual fate in the House of Donn, where souls gather before traveling to the Otherworld.

"Drummer of Tedworth" traverses human and supernatural realms, where absurdity illuminates enlightenment for the intrepid seeker.

Genre: "Drummer of Tedworth" defies traditional genre classifications, blending elements of contemporary classical, experimental, and avant-garde music. With improvised drumming and captivating storytelling at its core, this concerto creates a genre-defying experience that transcends musical boundaries. Prepare to embark on a journey into uncharted musical territory, where innovation and creativity reign supreme.

About Sean Noonan: Sean Noonan is a speaking drummer and composer known for his innovative approach to music. Embracing the title "rhythmic storyteller," Noonan crafts imaginative narratives akin to modern-day sonic griots. His prolific career includes over 32 albums influenced by a diverse array of genres such as orchestral, rock opera, avant-garde chamber music, and jazz-rock improvisation. Noonan's work has reached audiences in 15 countries, and he has collaborated with the Ligeti Quartet, Matthew Bourne, and legends like Marni Nixon, Marc Ribot, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and Malcolm Mooney.

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