Zappanation Rock Opera

premiered May 2018 in Landshut, Germany and September 2016 Sant'anna Arresi Jazz Festival, Italy

Dedicated to Frank Zappa and Edgar Varese

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed Die Entführung aus dem Serail, an Opera in the 18th century that takes place in a brothel. In 2016, Sean Noonan composes Zappanation Rock Opera, in the spirit of Frank Zappa and Edgar Varese about a Boy (Sean Noonan), who is abandoned in a Swinger Club by his Papa and angry war hero (Norbert Buerger).  The Boy earns a living performing in the Swinger Club Orchestra to pay back his Papa's debts eventually confronting each other in a musical duel.

These sounds attract the attention of "Gesù di Cagliari” (Matteo Siddi) and the other guests such as “T.A.D. The Aqua Diva” (Manuel Cossu) who is stalked by “Butterflies” (Eva Pagella) and is jealous of “Bubbles” (Alice Madeddu) for her ongoing affair with T.A.D. Eventually “Butterflies” murders both of them who are brought back to life by "Gesù di Cagliari”

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